Frequently asked questions

How do I go to the bathroom during the conference?
In our combined toilet and shower tent there is a biological toilet that works great. At some events we have access to indoor toilets.

How do I wash up?
You will always have access to water and soap in a sink as well as hand alcohol. At overnight arrangements we also offer a portable shower for those who want. We always strive to put Business Basecamp close to a lake or the sea, where you could take a dip. At some events we offer access to indoor showers.

What should I bring to wear?
Sturdy shoes, sturdy warm comfortable clothing and extra warm clothes for the evening. You'll find a clothing and equipment list here.

My group has booked a multi-day conference. Do I have to stay the night?
Of course we can’t force anyone to stay the night. However, we would argue that you then will miss an essential part of the experience. It's a very special feeling to be bedded down and hear the wind in the tents, the creaking of branches, howling owls and waves hitting the shore. Many people never sleep as well as in a tent after a day's work.

Are the tents heated?

No. Temperature control is obtained by putting on more clothes if meeting discussions do not keep you warm enough. For the night, we offer warm sleeping bags, sleeping bag sheets and an extra blanket for those more frozen.

Learn more about recommended clothing here.

What happens if the weather is bad?
Weather changes are a part of nature. Our equipment is normally used to create comfort in the most extreme wilderness environments in the world and can withstand strong winds, heavy rain and even snow. Therefore bad weather could even further enhance the mood of the group. If you bring your rain gear your stay outside the tents will be more comfortable.

Are there are always mobile coverage?
Cell phone service is improving everywhere in Sweden. If mobile coverage is missing, we provide satellite communications for incoming and outgoing phone calls. Our equipment also offers internet access via satellite, but with very limited speed. Outgoing calls and data traffic is charged extra. Ask for our current price list for satellite communication.

Can I really show my power point slides and recharge my mobile or PC in the woodlands?
Business Basecamp offer 230 volts from a modern solar powered battery providing safe electricity to our PC projector, computers and other types of electronics. We also provide a couple of small high-capacity batteries with adapters that can be used to charge mobile phones.

You'll find a downloadable equipment list here.


For us working in Business Basecamp, safety is an important issue. We carefully adapt the choice of location and activities to suit all participants’ conditions and needs.

  • We are certified by NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute in Wilderness First Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • We always have an ambitious and well-stocked first aid kit with us.
  • We always inform about our safety protocol with all participants in the introduction of each event.
  • We always bring fire protection equipment and inform about evacuation plans and assembly points in case of fire.
  • Our communication equipment is satellite-based and therefore works even outside mobile coverage. This means we can always contact the emergency services or take other necessary contacts.
  • All visitors in Business Basecamp is covered by our accident insurance.
Your safety is important for us.